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Cooler Than Dragon Raja? Noah’s Heart Is Being Developed

At the conference some time ago, Tencent officially announced a new MMORPG game title, yep Noah’s Heart. This mobile game was developed by Archosaur Games which is the MMORPG Mobile Dragon Raja game developer. So it is not surprising that the Noah’s Heart game will have high graphics with Unreal Engine 4 like the Dragon Raja game.

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Noah Hearts is planned to be a seamless Open World MMORPG mobile game. Inside there are also various types of transportation that are presented, one of which players can fly using airplanes in the game. The features offered are also no less interesting than other MMORPG games. There is a Day and Night Cycle, and Weather changing system, which is based on the Earth’s ecology so that players can experience a high level of playing experience with complete freedom in the game world.

It is planned that Noah Hearts will be released globally in 2021, If ​​you are interested in this game, keep checking on the latest articles for more info, and don’t forget to subscribe!

You can see the Noah’s Heart in-game gameplay trailer in the following video:

Noah's Heart (诺亚之心) Sci-Fi Open World Mobile MMORPG | DRAGON RAJA Makers |ENGLISH RELEASE CONFIRMED!

Developer: Archosaur Games

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