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Odyssey Interactive Announces New Game Called Project P

Odyssey Interactive is a developer consisting of veteran creators of League of Legends from Riot Games. Yesterday, Odyssey has just announced the first sneak peak of their new game, which is still referred to as Project P.

Project P is a 3v3 real-time fghting multiplayer game for mobile and PC, gameplay is like brawl. Of course, players can guess that this game is a fighting action game in an arena, and each player will choose a character to be divided into teams.

Odyssey has provided a little gameplay information for this new game. Yep, this game is indeed an action game that involves many characters in it, or it can be called a MOBA but 3v3. Project P can only be played by six players, who are divided into two teams with each team consisting of three players.

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This is Project P, a prototype 3v3 brawler built for Mobile / PC by industry veterans that led the charge on titles such as League of Legends and TFT
We’re looking for youth testers. If you’re aged 13-18 and love competitive experiences, sign up here: https://bit.ly/3wggxnJ


In yesterday’s announcement, players were given eight silhouettes of playable characters in this game. Of course, this silhouette is just a prototype or initial design and might change when the game is released.

Players must remember that Odyssey Interactive is a developer consisting of veterans in League of Legends. Seeing this silhouette, maybe the players immediately caught a design that was similar to some of the champions in the Riot Games MOBA game.

Odyssey Interactive has also started opening a testing server for this new game. For players aged 13-18 years, they have the opportunity to try playing this cross-platform game earlier, it’s just that players have to register before starting.

Register click HERE


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