One Piece Fighting Path Action-RPG Game Starts Open Beta

In the past few days, publisher from China, Nuverse, has collaborated with the developer CMGE to develop a new mobile game. This mobile game is titled One Piece Fighting Path, an action-RPG genre game developed for mobile devices.

Yesterday, One Piece Fighting Path just started its open beta phase for the local region, China. Publisher Nuverse is known to be part of the Bytedance company, the company that holds the TikTok application is planning to dominate mobile games in the near future.

Surely this mobile action game has an official license from One Piece, in-game players will immediately explore the ocean with the captain, Luffy. This mobile game focuses on the adventures of the main character, and of course along the way the player will meet Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Usop and others.

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In the current open beta, only a few standard features are available and only a few characters are available. In the published trailer, you can see the combat gameplay with an auto combat system that is not yet available in this open beta phase. Not that it doesn’t exist, but this system will be usable after the player has played for an hour in this open beta.

Even though it already exists, many say that this auto combat system is far from perfect. Many movements are still stiff, and sometimes they don’t match the combo skills used, which is why this feature still needs improvement in future updates.

There are many things that players can do in this game, exploring the island and looking for secrets is one of them. During the trip, the player will get progress, the farther the trip, the more open islands will be. The developer is focusing on adventure gameplay in this game.

From the responses given by the players who tried, most of them enjoyed the adventure with Luffy more than fighting. As a game adapted from one of the most popular anime, One Piece Fighting Path seems to be making a global release, although at this time there is still no confirmation.

Akhirnya Rilis! One Piece Terbaik di Android! - One Piece Fighting Path (Android)

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