One Punch Man The Strongest Man

Let’s Download! One Punch Man: The Strongest Man Now!

One Punch Man for past 3 years has become a best-selling anime / manga series in Japan and Global. The second season of the anime is also highly anticipated by anime lovers. After the second season finished airing in 2019 yesterday, it seems like the mobile game adaptation of the anime series will enliven it in 2020.

Yep, One Punch Man is present in the mobile game. The game is titled One Punch Man: The Strongest Man. The mobile game developed by the developer from China received an official license from ONE. However, there are no plans for the developer to release it globally.

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One Punch Man The Strongest Man gameplay

This Mobile Game presents Turn-based RPG gameplay. One Punch Man: The Strongest Man has a different storyline to the original manga or anime. However, every character in it is filled by the same voice actor as in the anime. Various content such as Arena PVP, until the PvE Exploration, and Boss Raid content were presented to enliven the mobile game.

If you want to play it, please download HERE.

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