One Punch Man: World Action RPG Game Is In Development

The new One Punch Man anime mobile game entitled One Punch Man: World (一拳 超人:世界) was announced yesterday at the Perfect World Games Conference.

Based on the published teaser, it looks like One Punch Man: World is an Action RPG genre mobile game. Players can take on the role of Heroes in the One Punch Man series. This mobile game is a dynamic 3D game where NPCs and Monsters react to changing environments such as the weather.

Fajaryusuf.com one punch world action rpg

The news of this latest mobile game for One Punch Man fans is certainly encouraging news, and also with the presence of this new game genre, action is definitely awaited by players, because this is a breath of fresh air for players who are likely to be bored with One Punch Man The Strongest.

Yep, for now the information you have is only that, so try to keep visiting fajaryusuf.com for further updates.

Source: TapTap


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