One Punch Man World new action rpg game mobile

One Punch Man: World, New Mobile Game in Development

T3 Studio has officially published a gameplay video trailer for their new mobile game adapted based on One Punch Man, yep, the game that will be released is titled One Punch Man: World (一拳超人:世界).

If we look at the video trailer, it looks like this game is an Open-World Action-RPG game adapted based on the very popular One Punch Man anime series. Players will be able to re-experience important moments from the anime in the narrative in this mobile game.

One Punch Man World new action rpg game mobile

More information about the mobile game will likely be announced next month, so stay tuned for more! You can check their official Facebook Fanspage for the latest information.

One Punch Man: World Facebook Fanpage

《一拳超人:世界》怪人災害等級未知,英雄協會出擊 | 真實手遊PV畫面釋出!


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