Onigiri Heroes released on googleplay appstore global

Onigiri Heroes has been released on Appstore and Googleplay globally

CyberStep has officially announced the release of Onigiri Heroes for Android and iOS platforms. Players who are interested in this game can now download it from the Appstore or Googleplay. Currently to celebrate its release there is a Login event, if players log in every day for 7 days, they will receive various prizes!

Onigiri Heroes is an MMORPG game set in a fantasy world with Japanese style art. This game was first released for the PC/PS4/Switch platform in 2019.

Onigiri Heroes released on googleplay appstore global

At the start of the game, players can choose a unique fighting style from 8 weapons in the game. These weapons include swords, oodachi, axes, twin blades, bows, lances, staves, and wands. Not only the main character that the player can control, there are also features of the Partners character who will fight with the player. These partners included very popular Japanese soldiers and generals, including Miyamoto Musashi and Oda Nobunaga.

The graphics and controls in this game feel like an OldSchool MMORPG. And indeed more suitable for mobile platforms than Multiplatform, CyberStep has taken action to optimize this game for the mobile version.

Publisher: CyberStep Inc.

Download: Googleplay or Appstore

【鬼斬 HEROES】プロモーションビデオ


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