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Now Onmyoji Chess Can Be Downloaded Officially!

Netease officially announced the release of their latest game Auto Chess mobile, Yap Onmyoji Chess. Players who are interested in this game can now download it directly on the AppStore or PlayStore.Onmyoji Chess is a Netease version of Auto Chess by adopting their popular game character, Onmyoji. As the name suggests, most of the Shikigami found in the RPG Hero list are turned into chess pieces in the Onymyoji Chess game.There are some differences in Onmyoji Chess compared to most other Auto Chess games.
  • The player will start by buying and placing 2 heroes instead of 1.
  • There are no items or passive skills when fighting wave monsters
  • Diverse skill and class combos
onmyoji chess gameplay
Currently, there are still some problems with this game that FajarYusuf.Com recommends to be fixed. First, the hero in hand is displayed as a portrait of a 2D card while the piece on the board remains as a 3D model. For players who are new to Onmyoji, this is a big problem because it is difficult to identify which characters you already have.In addition, there are no clear indicators in the purchase phase that tell the player, which characters the player already has or how much more the player needs to buy to be upgraded to the next star level. This game expects players to memorize each character.

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