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Onmyoji: The Card Game Has Been Officially Released In 4 Countries

The new mobile card battle game developed by NetEase Games, Onmyoji: The Card Game, is a new spin-off of the Onmyoji game series, which was officially released on October 22 in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Australia.

Onmyoji: The Card Game is a mobile card battle game adapted based on Onmyoji’s IP. It inherits the scenery of the iconic Japanese-style fantasy world, where players will be taken into Shinkiro, the exclusive land of Yokai and enjoy the Hyakubun. With each duel card, players will be able to unlock interesting stories about Yokai and meet their favorite Shikigami from the Onmyoji series.

Onmyoji: The Card Game features a new duel card battle gameplay, which requires players to build a deck of cards with 4 Shikigami and their exclusive cards. Each card has a unique function, win duels with card upgrades, transformations and combinations.

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During the release period, lots of free items and events are presented.

Event 1: Launch Rally Bonus

After this mobile game is officially released, bonuses for all players will be unlocked according to the rally number. There are 5 target number of rallies, the more players participating, the bigger the bonus will be: Gold *6666 to reach 20,000, Myth Scroll *10 to reach 100,000, Jikikaeru Ticket *15 to reach 250,000, Talisman *200 to reach 400,000, and special titles Joyful Gathering to reach the final target of 600,000.

Event 2: Seven-day Sign-in Daily Rewards

During the release period, players can log in and get rewards every day for the first 7 days, including Card Packages, exclusive Shikigami cards, Evolution: Shuten Doji, random SSR, and special card back.

Download this game right now, click HERE


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