Otter Ocean – Treasure Hunt A Cute Game With Casual Gameplay

The cuteness of Otter Ocean will be presented in a mobile simulation game which will soon be released for the iOS and Android platforms next month. Otter Ocean – Treasure Hunt allows players to collect adorable beavers while cleaning the sea from human trash and beautifying the beach while playing it.

Otter Ocean – Treasure Hunt assigns players to send cute beavers so they can check out the various dive points scattered throughout the map, each dive lasting a certain period of time and varies. After the dive is complete, the beaver will come with the treasure that will be given to the player, during the dive the player will find a variety of items ranging from seashells (in-game currency) to lounge chairs and beach umbrellas. The treasures collected will be recorded in the player’s collection log, and can be placed around the map to enhance the scene. Otter Ocean - Treasure Hunt

Sometimes, beavers may also encounter new beavers during a dive, which will lead to more dive sites being opened and new opportunities for exploration.

Thanks to its idle gameplay system, Otter Ocean allows players to easily leave the beaver for a quick dive and come back with a new surprise. Players can enjoy a relaxing mobile game that doesn’t demand anything at all, this game will be released on March 10 on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore


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