Outerplane Game RPG-Turnbased

Outerplane, Unique New RPG-Turnbased Game!

The Korean game company first signed a publishing deal with VA Games last year for their new mobile game, Outerplane. VA Games is a game studio founded in 2019 by a team of developers who developed Closers, which is a PC action-MMORPG game, for about 5 years. The main team has experience in NCsoft and XLGAMES too! VA Games has grown to this point, with 40 employees working for Outerplane.

According to the developer, the story on Outerplane has an anime theme that is currently hype, isekai, where normal humans go to fantasy worlds. They claim that apart from Rise of the Shield Hero and Re:Zero, there aren’t many isekai themed mobile games on the mobile gaming market today. The overall atmosphere in Outerplane is very unique, even though it has an anime style-art, but this game will be different from other isekai anime games.

Outerplane Game RPG-Turnbased

In the in-game, there are several characters that are not only summoned from the real world, but also those who are summoned from the future and even outer space! VA Games confirmed that they will introduce a character with a very unique and different concept. This will allow players to assemble and create a very unique team to explore and adventure in this game world.

Outerplane is an RPG-Turnbased-Classic game. Due to the core team of Closers, they wanted to add an extra element of action to the battle. An example is the air combo system. Even though it’s turnbased, under certain conditions, players can launch enemies into the air and perform a series of combo attacks. This mobile game will also have a Chainskills system, team members can attack consecutively when Gaugesskill is full. The Chainskills system is a very important system that not only provides great graphic effects, but also destroys every strategy in every match.

Outerplane Game RPG-Turnbased

Yep, that’s a glimpse of the Outerplane game, Outerplane is currently being developed using the Unity Engine for Full 3D animation, so let’s wait for further information and in-game gameplay that will make us curious.


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