Over Eclipse New Open-World RPG Game Has Started Pre-Download

What happens if there are games that have gameplay like Dynasty Warriors but with animated art-style designs like anime characters? Yep, you can find the answer in a mobile RPG game called Over Eclipse. The game does have a similarity in gameplay and we will discuss the new game in this article.

Over Eclipse is an open world mobile RPG game that has a very similar gameplay to Dynasty Warriors or Sengoku Basara. A gameplay that requires players to fight in an open world and the winner is required to defeat the general or army leader at the end of the battle.

This game has a story about people who are affected by a disease called Hoshisna Syndrome. People who have been affected by this disease will continue to feel thirsty for battle, fearing defeat and being enslaved by others. Therefore, not a few people have plunged into the battlefield to escape this fear.

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Because this disease affects anyone, there are no limits when it comes to what kind of characters are involved in the fight. Starting from the queen of the kingdom, servants, to wizards, all also participate in fighting in this RPG game.

Just like Dynasty Warriors which has three factions from the three kingdoms story, Over Eclipse also has six factions that players can choose from. These six factions are named Etranze and all of them have their own characteristics as well as their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Currently Over Eclipse has just opened the pre-download stage and players can follow the progress on their official website. Looks like it will still take some time for this mobile game to be released because this project was just heard.

Official website click HERE.


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