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Preview Design for Pantera and Mascu Races, Bless Mobile

Now the PC version for Bless Online has been closed globally, but the owner of the game IP will not stop there, now the developer will make Bless Online back to life in the form of a mobile game that will be released soon.

There will be 2 adaptations of the Bless Online game that is being worked on for mobile devices, by South Korean and Chinese developers, entitled Bless Eternal and Bless Mobile.

A temporary update has been given to loyal fans today, with previews from Ras Pantera and Ras Mascu, which can be saying that the preview displayed looks very different from the design and colors of the PC version of Bless Online.

Mascu Bless Mobile Pantera Race

There is currently no confirmation about the release schedule of the mobile game, so stay tuned to the infromation mobile game developments on FajarYusuf.Com!

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