Payday Crime War pre register beta release

Payday: Crime War starts pre-registration for Android and iOS

Good news for PayDay fans who have been waiting for the PAYDAY Mobile game, because PopReach has announced registration for Payday: Crime Wars which will be doing a Betarelease for players around the world.

Players who are interested in this game can now pre-register immediately. Betarelease will be done in early December and only for Android players. Even so, the release is still expected to be released in 2022.

If you don’t know this game series, Payday: Crime War is an FPS game set in the Payday world. Players will heist in 4v4 FPS mode which is very interesting, especially for players who like FPS games. The game also features a variety of iconic characters from the series, including Wolf, Dallas, Chain and Hoxton. And presents a variety of maps, including Golden Grin Casino, Trainyard, Art Gallery, Four Stores and more.

Payday Crime War pre register beta release

Starbreeze will present PAYDAY Crime War by collaborating with PopReach Corporation. Payday: Crime War is a new FPS game that will be released for mobile. Fans of the game series who are interested can pre-register now for Android and iOS.

Pre-registration: CLICK HERE

Payday Crime War Official Teaser Trailer


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