Let’s Download New MMORPG, Phantoms: Tang Dynasty

Yoozoo as a publisher has officially announced the release of their new mobile game titled Phantoms: Tang Dynasty. Players from the SEA region can now download the game from the local AppStore or GooglePlay.

Phantom: Tang Dynasty is an MMORPG mobile game with high-quality 3D graphics and epic cinematics. At the beginning of the game, players must choose as one of the four classes available, namely Swordmaster, Ritualist, Wind Dancer (female) or Gladiator (male). When player level up is higher, each of these classes can upgrade into a total of 8 sub-classes.

tang dynasty phantoms gameplay

Gameplay on this mobile game is mostly similar to other mobile MMORPGs. You can join the main quest to level up or participate in side quests or daily events to further strengthen the character.

Because of the graphics and content, this mobile game does require a large storage space, so make sure you have enough space (almost 5gb) before downloading this mobile game.

Publisher: Yoozoo

Download: GooglePlay, AppStore

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