Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom has been officially released on Googleplay and Appstore

Niantic today officially announced the release of their newest Augmented Reality mobile game, Pikmin Bloom . Players who are interested in this Pokemon GO-like AR game can now download it from the Appstore or Googleplay.

Take care of Pikmin, make flowers bloom, and make memories together, all played with the simple act of walking. When you are going for a short walk or going to work Pikmin will always accompany you, today is the first day of your Pikmin adventure! Gather an army and start the journey, every step counts.

Pikmin Bloom

Very similar to Pokemon GO or AR games in general, this game will force players to get out of the house, walk and grow Pikmin as they walk. The more players walk, the more Pikmin will join the squad!

In the current condition, it is better to have a game that forces players to exercise outside the house, but maybe many players are not sure whether this can be an alternative game for Pokemon GO? In addition, Covid is still a problem around the world that some areas may have to stay at home.

Publisher: Niantic

Download: Googleplay or Apptore

Make every step count! Pikmin Bloom


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