Legend of YMIR unreal engine 5 playtoearn wemade

Playtoearn game with Unreal Engine 5, Legend of YMIR is in development!

Currently a Korean game developer, Wemade Entertainment, is busy building the WEMIX Blockchain game platform (under Wemade Tree), besides that another team is busy with the latest technology, Unreal Engine 5 to prepare their newest Playtoearn game entitled Legend of YMIR.

Previously, Wemade XR had revealed a technical demo for their upcoming MMORPG game, which is powered by Unreal Engine 5. Basically, the tech demo shows what can be achieved at maximum capacity, but should mostly be scaled down for normal general use.

Legend of YMIR unreal engine 5 playtoearn wemade

Wemade recently became popular with the release of MIR4, and now Legend of YMIR can be seen as a Nordic interpretation of the game, with familiar characters, including Thor, Loki, and Odin. Which means it has a story similar to ODIN: Valhalla Rising and Ragnarok Online.

Players can expect massive PVP battles in the game Legend of YMIR, which is slated for a global release on PC and Mobile platforms simultaneously. And again, the Wemade Blockchain system will be part of this game, and make the Playtoearn MMORPG game with Unreal Engine 5 technology.

Source: Wemade



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