Pokémon Masters Can Be Downloaded For Android & iOS Now!

One of the awaited games, Pokémon Masters can you download and play. Unlike the Pokémon game which was previously released for mobile devices, Pokémon Masters presents an experience like playing the original version of Pokémon which is released exclusively on the Nintendo platform.Pokémon Masters is a collaborative project between Pokémon Company and DeNA , the developer who also worked on several Nintendo exclusive game titles for mobile games, such as Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes . Read More: The Mobile Gamer, Starting From Webtoons Becoming a Mobile GameGameplay The Pokémon Masters uses turn-based RPG style system with a variety of Pokémon characters. Player can create characters with quite a variety of customizations.
Pokemon masters gameplay
Players must build teams with familiar characters if you take the Pokémon series from the past to the present, such as Brook and Misty.
Pokemon masters download
In addition, one interesting feature is the “Sync Pair” that allows trainers and their favorite Pokémon to connect. As a result will produce such an ultimate skill, his attacks are far stronger than ordinary attacks if he activates Sync Pair.
Pokemon Masters Download 2
Let’s download Pokémon Masters in your favorite app store on Google Play Store or Apple Appstore and of course it’s free.
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