Pokémon Masters, Phase Pre-Registration Now

There is good news for you who are fans of Pokemon games, because a few days ago the game was developed by a collaboration between Pokemon Company and DeNA which has phase pre-registration. That is, you will soon be able to enjoy the Pokemon Masters game on your favorite smartphone.

For those of you who don’t know about Pokemon Master, this game is a Strategy Battle game, you will be able to use various characters in the original Pokemon series together with their partners in match 3 vs 3.

Pre-registered Pokemon master

The battle will use a turn based system, which is owned by the usual Pokemon game series. There will be a new feature embedded in the game where the trainers themselves can participate in the fight and provide support for Pokemon fighting.

The Pokemon Masters is expected to be released on August 29, and if you are interested with Pokemon Masters game, please pre-register on Android Google Play.

Please watch the video below to get more information related game Pokemon Masters:

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