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Pokemon Unite MOBA Game Can Evolve Two & Three Forms

There is the latest news for those of you who are waiting for the MOBA mobile game made by Tencent, yap Pokemon Unite. Because some time ago, an online media gave a new leak related to the various kinds of content that will be presented in the Pokemon MOBA.

There will be 5 roles that will be presented in the Pokemon mobile MOBA game starting from: Striker / Power, Support, Standard / Balancer, Defense, and Speed. Each role has its own unique specialties and skills according to the role presented. In addition, Pokemon will also be divided into 3 types starting from Beginner, Medium, Advance / Master, each pokemon will also be classified according to its attack range, namely Long and Short range.

Pokemon that are presented in Pokemon Unite can later evolve 2 times, depending on the Pokemon. The levels that can be used to learn powers / movesets are level 1, 3, 5, and 7, so that players can use various moves that are selected depending on the enemy’s skill set. However, remember when players learn more than 2 moves, pokemon will forget about other moves just like pokemon games in general. And at level 9, Pokemon will have the ultimate move, namely Unite Move, which can kill enemies easily.

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In-game there will also be several items, including Rare candy which increases the level, and citrus berry which will increase health. In addition, to collect points and catch pokemon, players can work together with teammates to defeat pokemon available on the streets. Not only that, there will be various legendary pokemon such as Zapdos and other Gen 8 Pokemon like Dreadnaw who suddenly appear like raids in other games. Where players have to work together with other players to defeat these strong pokemon, and get more points.



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