Mobile MOBA Game Pokemon Unite Expands Region Open Beta

Pokemon fans can hardly wait for the release of the newest Pokemon mobile MOBA game, yep Pokemon Unite is rumored to be released soon, after earlier in January it had started the open beta phase for the China region.

Following the development of China’s open beta region, several other regions will soon be added to participate in the open beta phase. Pokemon Company, which is the company behind this mobile MOBA game, confirmed that their game will soon open servers to other regions soon.

In the announcement on the official web page, it was informed that since its first announcement, Pokemon Unite has undergone various changes. These changes include gameplay, graphics, visuals, and even the addition of other Pokemon characters. Pokemon Unite open beta region

After the China region, it is possible that the North American region will become the second region to be able to enjoy this mobile MOBA game. In March, the Canadian region can start playing Pokemon Unite in the open beta phase.

Pokemon Unite is not only for mobile, this game is planned to be able to be played cross-platform, on Android and Nintendo Switch devices, but for this beta phase Pokemon Company explains that only Android devices are just starting, for now.

There are several new rules for beta tester players, one of which is that it prohibits displaying this game on live streams and the minimum age of the player must be 16 years. It is also known that Pokemon Unite is likely to be released in the middle of this year globally right after the open beta phase is over.

Source: Pokemon Company


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