pokemon unite mobile version released

Pokemon Unite Has Been Released For Mobile Globally

The global release of the MOBA Pokemon Unite game for mobile platforms has begun. Players can now download the Pokemon Unite game from the AppStore or GooglePlay. Along with the release, there will be various new features and Pokemon that will be available to play in the game! The following are the features in the game:

New Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass, Galactic Ghost 094 is one of the highlights of this mobile version release patch, as players can unlock new space-themed costumes. As for Gengar, there will be a new SpaceSuit for that pokemon!


If players have played this game on Nintendo Switch before, players will be happy to know that players can also play with their current account on mobile devices because this game has a Cross-Platform feature. All the player needs to do is link the account and login on the player’s phone.

pokemon unite mobile version released

Squad Unite

Players can create a Squad Unite to gather a group of members to play games together.

New Pokemon

At the time of the release there might be a new Pokemon released as well, many players are hoping to play Mamoswine and Sylveon in Pokemon Unite soon.

Multi Language

Lots of language support in this mobile MOBA game, currently there is French, German, Italian and Spanish language support added to the game.

Publisher: Pokemon Company

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore

Pokémon UNITE is launching on Mobile!


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