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Fans Must Be Happy! Pokemon Unite MOBA Introduces In-game Skin

It’s been almost a year, the MOBA mobile game project announced by The Pokemon Company, namely MOBA Pokemon Unite. This mobile game project will present Pokemon to fight each other in the MOBA arena, they will fight between teams with the same goal of destroying enemy towers and cores. And the same as MOBA in general, pokemon unite also has a skin feature in it.

Not long ago, TiMi Studio together with Pokemon Company just started a closed beta phase for the MOBA Pokemon Unite game in China. Of course, after the server was opened, many players immediately tried this mobile MOBA game and shared their impressions on all platforms and social media.

One of them is a user named Centro Pokemon, Centro provides some leaked in-game content on social media. According to him, Pokemon players will definitely be interested in this mobile MOBA game, because there are various kinds of interesting content that players can try.

Of the many leaked content published, one of the content that catches the attention of fans the most is the skins feature for Pokemon. One of the Pokemon that caught the eye was Cinderace, who was seen wearing a pirate costume as an alternative to the skin Cinderace had.

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Not only Cinderace, other Pokemon like Lucario, Mr. Mime and Garchomp are also getting skin with a new look on this pokemon unite. With the skins feature, players will be able to see other Pokemon appearances, as we know that Pokemon always look the same all the time in anime or other Pokemon games.

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Of course the leaks given at this time are not the final release content and can be improved when it is officially released globally. Currently the Pokemon Unite MOBA is only available on the Chinese server, and the global version is still unknown, so we can only be patient for now.

Source: Centro Pokemon


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