black desert mobile pre download

Pre-download Black Desert Mobile Now Begins!

Only a few days left, before the official release of Black Desert Mobile globally, and now the Pre-Download phase has begun! This is done to prevent connection problems by anticipating too many downloads on release day, so it is recommended that you download this game now on Google Play or App Store.Character customization and nickname creation will start now on December 9th today, 2 days before the Black Desert Mobile server opens on December 11th. As usual mobile game releases, the date and time depends on your current region.
Pre-download Black Desert Mobile
Character Customization is the main feature of the Black Desert franchise, and Black Desert Mobile presents the same level of adjustment as on the PC and console platforms. Design the adventurer to your liking and choose one of the five character classes available, including Warrior, Witch, Ranger, Giant, and Valkyrie. In addition, players can also claim their nickname.
Black Desert Mobile Region
As you can see in the screenshot that FajarYusuf.Com took above, Black Desert Mobile will be divided into 3 areas for players. FajarYusuf.Com does not yet know whether the timing of the event will be different in the 3 regions, but the best thing is to choose the region where you come from. It seems we can not wait for the release of Black Desert Mobile!
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