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Let’s Pre-Register Black Clover: Phantom Knights Now!

Black Clover: Phantom Knights has officially opened the pre-registration phase for the release of the global version! This mobile game has been in Japan since November 2018, and finally the global version will be released soon.

As usual with this year’s new mobile game, they have a pre-registration campaign! There is a special Facebook campaign that asks people to tell who their favorite Black Clover character is.1,000 comments coming in, will make all players receive a 5-star Asta (Dweller) unit! This campaign takes place from 8-14 December 2019.

In addition, there will be pre-registration targets as well. The prizes are as follows:

  • 30,000: 1,800 x Black Jewel
  • 50.000: Enhancement Items Set
    • Gold Nuggets
    • Relic Enhance Materials
    • Character Enhance Materials
  • 100,000: Yuno *5
Pre-Registration Black Clover prize campaign

Basically this mobile game has turn-based battle gameplay on 7 × 4 grids. With 5-member team, the battle will automatically take place when you fight the enemy! Positioning is required for certain action steps, as well as forefront or backline formations.

This mobile game has a Talent system that allows players to customize their characters with their own talents to complement their skills. In the Japanese version, players are also allowed to do 99x reroll for free during the tutorial until you are satisfied with getting a 5 star unit.

Black Clover anime fans will definitely want to register and join Asta and take part in their adventure! Enjoy the original story featuring the Wizard King, Jien. What’s his real identity? You can check the Black Clover Phantom Knights website and the Official Facebook Page for more information. The Apple App Store page lists the release date of this mobile game, which is expected to become a reality on January 30th 2020!

Pre-Registration click HERE.

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