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Best Action Game, Let’s Pre Register Breakout: Dark Prison

Latersoft has officially announced that pre-registration is now available for their mobile game which will soon be released, yep Breakout: Dark Prison – The Last Rescue. Players can now register in the App Store and Play Store while waiting for the game to be released in November.

Synopsis Breakout Dark Prison: After an unknown virus outbreak destroys the earth, humans fall into chaos. Girls are found to have immunity in their DNA. A group of mercenaries called Apostles have kidnapped him and taken him to the most dangerous place on the planet called The Dark Prison.

By not using weapons, you have to face various kinds of deadly monsters, zombies and bandits in the Dark Prison. What would you do? Fighting for survival, or giving up for yourself? You must decide NOW!

Breakout Dark Prison gameplay

There is something different about this game trailer that is at the end of the article. Usually, most publishers will sell their games by showing the main gameplay mechanisms, but it seems Latersoft is trying to sell their games by introducing a strong storyline. So let’s hope that Breakout: Dark Prison can be the only mobile action game that is different from the others.

For additional information, this game also supports PlayStation 4 and Xbox Wireless Game Controller .

Pre-Registration here for Android
Pre-Register here for iOS

Breakout: Dark Prison - The Last Rescue Trailer V2
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