cluck night

Let’s Pre Register New Mobile Game, Cluck Night!

The developer of the mobile game Coconut Island Games recently released a pre-registration event for their new mobile game, yep this game is titled Cluck Night, which is currently entering pre-registration on the Google Play Store.

Cluck Night is a mobile game with asymmetric 4v1 action gameplay with cartoon style graphics. This mobile game is a battle between 4 chickens and one farmer.

Cluck Night gameplay

The player can choose the role as a chicken or farmer as a solo player, farmers in this game look like the colonel selling fried chicken.

As a Chicken team, the main task of the player is to coordinate with other chickens to get out of the farm while the farmer’s job is to catch all the chickens. This mobile game is quite similar to Identity V with different camera angles.

You can pre-register HERE.

Trailer gameplay Cluck Night

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