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Let’s Pre Register Dragon Raja Right Now!

Dragon Raja is a game based on the novel series by Jiang Nan, which has now begun the pre-registration phase for the release of the global version on mobile devices. The story of this mobile game begins when an ancient dragon who will rise from a deep sleep called the Dragon Raja. The Dragon Raja wants to rule the world once again, but humans will not let the creature do it easily. By risking their lives to become hybrids of humans and dragons, humans will fight against the Dragon Raja to save the world.

This mobile game developed with Unreal Engine 4, Dragon Raja is a fantasy game MMORPG Open World. The highlights of this mobile game are the amazing graphics and extensive character customization. Pre-registration is now only open for Android, maybe the next iOS. There are several pre-registration registrant prize milestones that must be achieved, with the following prizes:

  • 50,000: Claw Machine Coins
  • 100,000: Secret Order
  • 500,000: Gold Hero Key
  • 1,000,000: Hair: Meteor (Permanent)
  • 2,000,000: Exclusive Title
  • 3,000,000: Flamingo – Sporty Refit Mode
the dragon king's gift

This mobile game has won the “Most Anticipated Game 2019” award at the 2019 Unreal Open Day event. Choose 1 of 4 classes to start your adventure in a vast world filled with various dungeons and battlefields, with PvE and PvP features available. This mobile game promotes an innovative career system and a strong social system. Invite your friends to adventure together! This mobile game supports English, German, French, Russian and Chinese.

The four classes available are:

  • Assassin
  • Blademaster
  • Gunslinger
  • Soul Dancer

You can check the Dragon King Website for more information. And do pre-registration HERE.

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