C’mon Pre Register New Mobile Game Hunter X Hunter Arena Battle

DeNA as a mobile game developer Hunter X Hunter Arena Battle has published a new trailer for the game which will be released shortly. Also, the pre-registration phase has already begun!

Hunter X Hunter Arena Battle is a Card Battle game that is played with a 30 card deck, played on a 6 × 6 board.

Hunter X Hunter Arena Battle

In the newest trailer located below this article, we can see several animated skills from the main HxH characters like Gon, Killua, Issac Netero and Hisoka.

Another important feature that FajarYusuf.Com notices is that there is PVP mode in this game, it looks like players will fight each other to achieve the highest rank in this game.

Hunter X Hunter Arena Battle prize

Pre-register the game Hunter X Hunter Arena Battle now, so you can unlock the in-game prizes above when the game is released.

You can pre-register here.

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