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Let’s Pre-Register Iron Saga – Super Robots Warfare World

Gameducky as the developer has announced a pre-registration event for their mobile game that will soon be released under the title Iron Saga – Super Robots Warfare World. Presenting various kinds of humanoid mecha pixels, track simulation, amazing skill effects, and smooth gameplay!.

Featuring works by more than 100 famous artists and sound actors including music from famous composer Hiroyuki Sawano (Unicorn of Gundam) and supervision of mech design and animation by director and renowned mech designer Masami Obari (Mobile Suit Gundam).

Iron Saga is behind the world where humans began to forget the mech battles of the past, including the legendary battle of the twelve mechas known as ‘Grand Gods‘ that once set the world on fire, has now become a story covered with consumed by history.

With the desire to rekindle battles in the past, the mech army woke up and tried to trigger a battle between armies, mercenaries, and bounty hunters once more. Ace pilots from all over the world began to gather to change the direction of the era and return to the long-forgotten days of the mecha battle.

Iron Saga Super Robots Warfare World

To celebrate the pre-registration event, Gameducky will also give players the opportunity to get lucky draw bonuses during the Pre-Registration event. From now until December 11, for every 500 shares on Twitter and Facebook, a set of prizes will be given to one lucky player. Players who pre-register for Iron Saga will also receive in-game prizes when the game is officially released.

Iron Saga will be released and available on iOS and Android starting December 12, players can pre-register now through the App Store or Google Play.

Iron Saga Battle Mecha Trailer Gameplay
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