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Let’s Pre-Register Kick-Flight Right Now!, 4VS4!

Kick-Flight is a new mobile game from the developer Grenge, which is currently in the pre-registration phase. This mobile game is a game with real-time 4 vs 4 action battles, with battles that will take place in the air.

How to play it simply tap, slide, and do the action with the button on the smartphone screen. This mobile game is packed with animations created by MAPPA and the song “FLYERS” by KANA-BOON , wow amazing!

This mobile game was originally scheduled to be released in 2019, which has now been delayed until the end of January 2020. This mobile game has reached more than 300,000 pre-registrants, since it opened around last April.

kick flight gameplay

Not only that, Kick-Flight is also scheduled to be released globally, and serves more than 130 countries. Pre-Register for players outside of Japan is scheduled to begin soon. Because this is a real-time air combat game, players will be matched with servers closer to them to avoid too much lag. Apparently, this means that this mobile game will be released in English for the global version.

Prizes for pre-registration milestones are as follows:

  • 30,000: 300 JC
  • 50,000: 600 JC
  • 100,000: 1,000 JC
  • 150,000: 1,500 JC
  • 200,000: 2,000 JC
  • 300,000: 3,000 JC
  • 400,000: 4,000 JC

This mobile game will be free-to-play, with in-app purchases, as usual. When fighting, players will target opponents when fighting. Special skills can also be used! Dash in the air when you have to avoid enemy attacks.

Pre Register HERE.

【Kick-Flight (キックフライト)】開発チームによるプレイ動画
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