sword and magic eternal love

Let’s Pre Register Sword And Magic: Eternal Love Now!

Sword and Magic mobile game that was present at the Play Store in collaboration with a chat application, namely LINE. The mobile game is quite successful in the Asian mobile game market with quite a lot of players.

Now, Sword and Magic released a remastered version of an existing version, yep the game titled Sword and Magic: Eternal Love, which presents a new playing experience with softer and more colorful graphics.

Still carrying the MMORPG genre, players will experience exciting adventures in 3D graphics. In addition, there are several jobs that players can choose from in this game, including Warrior, Swordsman, Mage, and Assassin.

Sword And Magic Eternal Love gameplay

Like MMORPG games basically, players will level up to become stronger, fight bosses to get rare items and most recently players can marry off their characters with characters from other players through the wedding system.

For those of you who are curious about Sword and Magic: Eternal Love, let’s take part in pre-registration on Google Play so that when this mobile game is officially released, you will get a notification as soon as possible.

Pre-Registration: Google PlayStore

Sword and Magic:Eternal Love
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