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Let’s Pre Register Team Fight Tactics Mobile Version!

To celebrate its tenth birthday, Riot Games announced that 2 of their games are ready to be re-released as a mobile game version, the first being LOL / League of Legends: Wild Rift and the second is Teamfight Tactics mobile version. Both games were announced through videos uploaded to the official Riot Games youtube channel.TFT / Teamfight Tactics is a game similar to auto chess or an auto battler genre game, which requires you to use heroes that you must combine to get race / class combos to defeat enemies.
Team Fight Tactics Mobile Version of gameplay
TFT will make seasonal updates, all content will be changed, starting from releasing new heroes, items, nerfs and buffs plus cool sets or skins, as well as resetting the rank every season. In addition they will also release a mobile version in the near future.Following the first Auto Chess and Underlord releases for Mobile, TFT will be released in early 2020. TFT mobile will also be a cross platform game with a PC version. You can also try the beta version at the end of 2019. As requested by the TFT fans.What do you think? is TFT able to compete with other mobile games such as chess rush, autochess, and underlords? Give your opinion about this TFT mobile!.
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