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Pre Registration New MMORPG, AURORA 7 Stunning Graphics!

AURORA 7 is the latest MMORPG fantasy game that will soon be released for iOS and Android in 2019.

AURORA 7 that has an interesting gameplay and visuals that really spoil the eyes of the players.

At the beginning of game, you will choose a character that has a variety of skills and attacks that you can use. In this game will also use gameplay system Real-Time Action which is very cool to play.

Not only that, mobile game AURORA 7 also has stunning HD graphics. For a class of mobile games, you will definitely be amazed by all effects of skills generated by characters.

AURORA 7 mmorpg
AURORA 7 mmorpg gameplay
AURORA 7 mobile mmorpg gameplay

Currently, game AURORA 7 enters phase Pre-Registration through the Official Site on August 1 yesterday.

Yep, for those of you who are interested in pre-registering Aurora 7, you can register via the official link above.

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