Pre-Registration New MMORPG Heroes Fire 3v3, Awesome Game!

Until now, game genre MMORPG is still a favorite genre game of the gamers mobile in the world.

Not because only possessed many features, most MMORPG never tired to play despite being long enough to play.

Now, will present a new game MMORPG created by developers 101XP.

This game called Fire Heroes 3v3 Tactical MMORPG that will make you forget about the other MMORPG games.

fire heroes featured

Fire Heroes also includes games are quite different.

Where in this game, you can do a lot of things ranging from the dungeon raid , open world roaming , a collection of more than 70 phantoms , to play in PvP Arena .

Not only that, the more cool again, this game uses the battle Tactical turn based RPG , where you not only rely on the ability of Phantom but also uses intelligence to adjust strategies.

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Besides, you will also collect players Heroes Fire and combine them into one team.

fire heroes featured 2

This team will assist each other in completing the Dungeon to fight the boss is very strong as guardian.

Yep, for you who are curious about how the excitement of this game will play, game Fire Heroes has opened pre-registration phase through the official website here .

Play Store: Fire Heroes

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