Project DX Under Development, Adapted From Durango Wild Lands

Looking back on what happened in December 2019, Nexon officially shut down the global servers for Durango: Wild Lands, a very unique mobile survival MMORPG game that might be too short a time for a game as good as Durango, and now there’s news about a new Project Durango, Project DX.

Maybe because the player community is small, they Durango players have formed a very close community to the end. And now, recently, it appears that Nat Games, a subsidiary under Nexon, is recruiting new staff to work on Project DX under DX Studio. And this is good news, as they will be working on Durango: Wild Lands!

Project dx durango wild lands

So far, what Fajaryusufdotcom knows from the job vacancy, Project DX is a mobile MMORPG adapted based on Durango: Wild Lands.

This new game will be planned to be released for the global market, because experience in developers for the global market is one of the recruitment criteria. DX Studio is a new team at Nat Games, made up of veterans who worked on Overhit, V4, and HIT. The former lead developer of Durango is currently working on Project HP.

Durango: Wild Lands - Tutorial gameplay

Source: YouTube


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