Project L gameplay Fighting (League of Legends)

Project L new game with Fighting (League of Legends) gameplay

Riot Games again make the player happy to publish excerpts Gameplay Fighting as well as information about their new titles, Project L. Project L was first announced in 2019, Project L managed to reap a lot of positive comments.

Currently, Riot Games is again providing gameplay footage as well as the latest information about Project L, the newest Fighting game they are currently developing. In the Project L video footage, Tom as Executive Producer and Tony as Technical Lead at Project L announces that Project L is in the stage of further development.

Before discussing Gameplay, they said that the gameplay video that was shown at Undercity Nights was still a short video. They created those clips to perfect the look of the game, before actually creating all the content, including the characters and other places.

Project L gameplay Fighting (League of Legends)

Even though they have made a lot of progress, there is still a lot of process that they have to do before it will be officially released. They also confirmed that Project L will not be released in 2021 and 2022. The video shows Fighting 2D gameplay with very attractive visuals.

The existing Tagteam mechanism also shows that players do not only use 1 character, but can use two characters interchangeably. Because of the Tagteam, this game requires a strategy to make combos between interesting characters.

Project L was developed using technology from Riot Games such as RiotDirect which is an advantage because it is able to minimize connections or pings from other Riot Games games such as League of Legends and VALORANT.

Project L - RiotX Arcane: Epilogue | The Right Foundation


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