Project Xehanort kingdom hearts

Project Xehanort, A Temporary Name For Kingdom Hearts Mobile!

As one of the franchise with a very long story line, with this announcement stretching the story again in the game, Kingdom Hearts seems to want to be made as a plan that is being thought by Square Enix . On the release of ReMind DLC , Kingdom Hearts 3 is certainly not enough for them.

So through an announcement just released by Square Enix, the existence of the new game Kingdom Hearts has finally been officially leaked. Confirmed as an exclusive mobile game, this mobile game unfortunately still does not have a definite name and still comes with a temporary name, Project Xehanort.

Even so, the developer actually unexpectedly held a contest for fans to guess the name of the mobile game title that you think is suitable for the Project Xehanort. If you want to participate in guessing the name of the game, all the detailed information about the format and rules you can try to do through the following link HERE.

As the name implies, the story of the mobile game Kingdom Hearts on this one seems to indeed be more about the background of the main antagonist of the franchise, named Xehanort. Specifically about the reason why Xehanort decided to become a Seeker of Darkness.

Project Xehanort is scheduled to release Square Enix in the spring of 2020. This mobile game is confirmed to have some kind of in app purchases, so it is most likely to be released as a free to play mobile game.

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