Psychic Tanks Shooter Game Turn-Based RPG Similar to Gunbound With Anime Style

Currently, there are many kinds of games released by indie developers, and now there is new news for Chinese indie games that will be released on Mobile. If you are a player who has been playing games for a long time, you must know the very popular online PC game with the turn-based shooter genre entitled Gunbound. Yep, it is known that an indie company in China is developing a mobile game entitled Psychic Tanks, this game has a genre and gameplay that is very similar to Gunbound.

Although the style-art in this game genre is usually not very good, however, Psychic Tanks has a pretty interesting style-art with an anime style. Not only that, this new game also combines other genres into the gameplay, namely RPG. Which means that not only PvP fights, there will be interesting storylines for players in this game. But the most unique thing in this game is that there is no auto feature in it, unlike other mobile games in general, so players will continue to enjoy every game that takes place.

Psychic Tanks mobile game_(2)

In in-game, players will be given several tanks, with unique skill-sets, these tanks are used to fight in an arena, players must compete with other players to defeat each other depending on the battle mode played. Each player will be given various items that can increase ability stats, and the player has the task of destroying or completing the given objectives.

For now there is no further information about the release date of this mobile game, and whether this game will be released globally or not, but don’t worry, Fajaryusufdotcom will always provide updated information about this Psychic Tank mobie game, especially if it looks like a game like Gunbound or Gunbound. Worms is a fun game to play on mobile devices.

Psychic Tanks 超能坦克 (CN) - Alpha Test gameplay

Source: MMO Youtube


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