PUBG Mobile: New State PUBG Game Latest Version By Krafton

Today a developer named Krafton has just officially announced a new game called PUBG Mobile: New State. A battle royale mobile game located in the same universe as the PC version of PUBG, then what’s the difference with PUBG Mobile?

Unlike PUBG Mobile which is now being developed by Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile: New State is an official game made by Krafton, the same developer team as the PC version of PUBG. Along with this announcement, Krafton has also started the pre-registration phase for this game.

In its announcement, Krafton also explained the differences that PUBG Mobile has: state with PUBG Mobile Tencent. There are of course many differences, and here are 4 important points on this. PUBG Mobile: New State

New Battle Royale System

Unlike the Tencent version of PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile: State will present even more features. In this game, players can find drone features and weapon types with more choices. The map here is also a little bigger, which will likely make the gameplay more exciting.

Futuristic Background

This game takes place in the same universe as the PC version of the PUBG game, set in 2051. Battle royale battles are happening everywhere, making humans who follow this battle have to adapt more and create new strategies to become the last survivor as a champion.

Ultra Realistic Graphics

The most striking feature of this game is the best graphics for a mobile game. With the latest generation of engines, making PUBG Mobile: New State gives the best battle royale experience to players directly.


Now players can start pre-registering PUBG: New State right now. But currently only Android devices can register via PlayStore, and Krafton promises an iOS version will be available soon.

Source: Krafton

Pre-registration click HERE


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