PUBG New State Starts Pre-Registration For iOS In August 2021

Not long ago, players were shocked by the latest news about the PUBG New State game. Yep, PUBG New State for iOS is rumored to be starting the pre-registration stage for players soon.

The pre-registration event on iOS for this new battle-royale game will start soon. The existence of this news is certainly welcomed by players who use the popular operating system made by Apple.

Especially because soon, they will catch up with Android players who have pre-registered. For players who don’t know, the PUBG New State pre-registration event for Android players has started a few months ago.

Although it lags behind Android, in the near future iPhone smartphone users can immediately pre-register for PUBG New State, which will soon be released for the iOS version.

The PUBG New State pre-registration event will open in one month. More precisely, the pre-registration of PUBG New State for iOS will be available to the public in August 2021. Unfortunately, the release date of the pre-registration event on the AppStore platform was not announced.

pubg new state

Furthermore, announcements regarding the PUBG New State pre-registration lunch event in August cannot be taken lightly. Because the announcement was announced by the game developer directly, namely Krafton.

Krafton announced the opening of the PUBG New State pre-registration event for iOS in one of the latest tweets from the official Twitter account @PUBG_NEWSTATE. Along with the announcement, Krafton also announced that until now the PUBG New State pre-registration event has managed to get nearly 20 million accounts on various platforms.

Then, when will this popular game from Krafton be officially released? Until now, Krafton still has not made a further official statement regarding the PUBG New State release date.

But from the rumors circulating, PUBG New State will be released for various platforms at the end of 2021. Even so, this is still only a rumor whose truth has yet to be proven.

Source: Twitter


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