PUBG: New State Likely To Be Released In September 2021

After successfully grabbing a lot of player attention in the closed beta test phase a few months ago, developer Krafton looks like it will soon be ready to provide a release date for PUBG: New State. Usually, mobile games that successfully carry out closed beta tests will officially release the game one month later, which means PUBG: New State is likely to be released in September 2021.

This has also been informed by media from South Korea, Techm, they said that PUBG: New State will have a global release in September 2021. This announcement was published based on information from a meeting that discussed new products from Krafton which took place on July 21 yesterday.

In the results of the meeting, there are several things that we can confirm information about, such as one of them is Krafton’s plan to expand PUBG IP more widely. With the release of PUBG: New State, they will open a new gate to this mobile battle-royale game.

pubg new state released released september

So far, PUBG: New State has recorded a fantastic number of registrations in the pre-registration phase. There are already more than 20 million player accounts that have also participated in the pre-registration phase from all over the world. Seeing this potential, Krafton certainly doesn’t want to slow down the release of their game.

And also with the results of the closed beta test, where the majority of players have given positive and satisfied responses, it will make the release of this mobile game faster. Not only that, Krafton has also often released various promotions about this game, one of which is the trip to Troi video series which has been released on their YouTube account.

September is an ideal month for Krafton to be able to release this mobile battle-royale game, if indeed they feel this game is ready to be played globally. The latest information from this game is the closed beta test phase which has entered the final phase in several regions of America.

Source: Twitter


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