Punishing: Gray Raven Global Version Will Be Released In This Year 2021

The hack n slash genre game is indeed very fun to play. When played on PC, console, or mobile. One of the popular mobile games with the hack n slash genre is Honkai Impact 3. However, on the last few days there were quite a few hack n slash genre games that appeared to compete with Honkai Impact 3 with the same system and concept, yep one of these games is Punishing: Gray Raven.

Previously, Gray Raven has been officially released in China and Japan. If you are waiting for the global version of this game, there is the latest news about the global version of the hack n slash game. Punishing: Gray Raven is planned to release a global version in Summer 2021, which is around June – August 2021.

Punishing grey Raven global version

It seems, of the many hack n slash RPG genre games, Punishing: Gray Raven is the game that has the most fantastic graphics. For information, the developer also recommends that players use at least the SnapDragon 660 or Helio X30 to use minimal graphic settings.

For the quality of gameplay that is presented in this game, this hack n slash game presents various kinds of characters, including male characters, not just women like other games. Each character has their own unique weapon and skill. Just like other hack n slash games in general, Punishing: Gray Raven presents a fast hack n slash mechanism with more flexible 3D View support.

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