Ragnarok Battle Academy, MMORPG + Battle Royale Become One

Ragnarok Online is one of the legendary Online games. There is no gamer who doesn’t know this one MMORPG game.

Right now, a Thai developer company, Electronics Extreme with Gravity is collaborating to develop a new game related to Ragnarok, yep Ragnarok Battle Academy / ROBA.

ROBA is a combination of the genre game MMORPG + Battle Royale. The game was first announced at a 2019 Extreme Games event in Thailand, and Gravity itself announced their optimism for collaborating with Extreme Studio.

Kitamura Yoshinori as COO from Gravity said that Extreme studio had enough experience and knowledge to make ROBA a successful game to play.

Ragnarok Battle Academy gameplay

With funny graphics, this game might be one of the games that is quite awaited by mobile gamers today.

For Gameplay, as previously written, this game combines the genres MMORPG, and Battle Royale, where players will be taken to the Ragnarok Training ground online and players will start the game by becoming “Novices“.

Players can create a team of 4 players and hunt monsters and bosses together to get equipment and EXP.

Ragnarok Battle Academy gameplay 2

Afterwards, players can get and search for equipment and skills that match the existing jobs to benefit from team fights.

Battle Royale genre that is included is a player will fight with other players in an arena that will shrink every time.

After that the player who survives until the end of the match will win this game match .

Ragnarok Battle Academy gameplay 3

Right now the Ragnarok Battle Academy game is still under development and has only finished 80%. ROBA or Ragnarok Battle Academy is rumored to be released for Thailand and Southeast Asia first, so just wait for further news, and don’t forget to subscribe FajarYusuf.Com!

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