Ragnarok Online X Generation (ROX) Begins SEA Region Pre-Registration

Licensed by Gravity and developed by The Dream Network, Ragnarok Online X Generation (ROX) allows players to explore Midgard which is certainly no stranger to players who are RO fans, with updated 3D effects, and with the next generation of gameplay of course. Ragnarok Online fans must take the Ragnarok Online X Generation (ROX) beta test which is currently taking place.According to the developer, The Dream Network, Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX) will use the same system as RO which has been running for a very long time and is loved by fans, such as the in-game system, battle mechanics, and character classes that are familiar to fans. veteran of Ragnarok Online.This mobile MMORPG game will retain the original 6 classes: Swordsman, Thief, Acolyte, Mage, Archer, and Merchant.With two upgrade classes and three progress stages for each class, players can have more flexibility in each of these classes.
Ragnarok online x next generation sea
With Chibi’s art-style and favorite monsters that almost all players like, like Poring and Lunatic along with impressive scenes like The Fountain in Prontera, players will still be able to find in the world of Ragnarok Online X Generation.This mobile MMORPG game is also planned to bring various new features that will make it a new and fresh journey for the players.

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