Ragnarok Origin Global Version Starts Pre-Registration Event

Gravity is the publisher of the popular game franchise Ragnarok Online, currently Gravity announces that the Closed Beta phase of the Global version of the mobile MMORPG game Ragnarok Origin is in preparation. Gravity also announced that Ragnarok Origin will provide the same gaming experience as Ragnarok Online PC, and has now started a Pre-registration event.

For now, the Ragnarok Origin pre-registration campaign event has started. However, this mobile game will be released globally after the Closed Beta stage is complete.

About Ragnarok Origin

Ragnarok origin

Ragnarok Origin is a new mobile MMORPG game brought to you by Gravity. This mobile game will provide a playing experience like Ragnarok Online with 3D graphics so that players feel more at home for adventures in the world of Midgard.

The classes that have been announced in this game are the basic classes in Ragnarok Online as well as the main advanced classes in each class. Which means there are 6 basic classes in the game, including Swordman, Mage, Merchant, Priest, Archer, and Assassin.

If this game adapts the Ragnarok Online system, then the existing Advanced Class is still limited, namely 2-1 Class. The following Alternative Advanced Classes may not be available yet: Crusader, Sage, Alchemist, Monk, Bard/Dancer, and Rogue.

The following Expanded Classes may also not be available: Star Gladiator, Soul Linker, Ninja, and Gunslinger. But most likely the Class will be present in the next update based on Gravity’s statement that wants to make Ragnarok Origin like the PC version of Ragnarok Online.

Like most mobile games, the Ragnarok Origin pre-registration event has a campaign with various prizes. When the pre-registration amount reaches a certain milestone, pre-registered players will get various rewards. To date, there have been 200,000 players who have pre-registered for this game. Players will later get 3 Potions, a Gym Pass, and a Ring for Beginners.

The following are the rewards included in the Ragnarok Origin pre-registration campaign:

  • 400,000: 2 Combat Acceleration Candies, 2 Lucky Farming Candies, and a Quality Reincarnation Stone.
  • 600,000: 2 1-star Potion Selection Packs, Bank Expansion Ticket, Hairstyle Changing Box, Meow Meow Flu Mask.
  • 800,000: 2 1-star Dish Selection Packs, 100,000 Bronze Coins, Neuralizer, and Souvenir Profile Photo.
  • 1,000,000: 3-star Dish Selection Pack, Poring Turban, Worn Card Album, and 10,000 Zeny.

Currently, players can pre-register for Ragnarok Origin on  GooglePlay or the AppStore.

Pre-register: GooglePlay or AppStore

Ragnarok Origin Pre-Registration is here!


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