This is the Ragnarok Tactics Gameplay Teaser, Isn’t It Exciting?

Ragnarok has always been one game that is quite often adapted for other game genres. As the name implies, this game has become one of the games that can arouse the nostalgia of the players, so it is undeniable that a lot of games come with the preposition Ragnarok. One of them is a new mobile game called Ragnarok Tactics.

Ragnarok Tactics is a mobile game developed by the developer of Gravity game tech, which is one of the leading game developers in Thailand. Ragnarok Tactics will present 2 game genres, turn-based and auto-battle. Ragnarok Tactics is very focused on PVP battles, and also features hunting down MVP boss monsters. Not only that, players can also use a variety of monsters that exist in the world of Ragnarok to be used when fighting MVP boss monsters.

Ragnarok Tactics gameplay

Not many detailed features can be known in the mobile game but you can see a little teaser trailer in the video embedded below. Yep, if you are interested in a mobile game with the word Ragnarok, maybe you can try the game when it is officially released on Google Play or AppStore. Wait for more information from the mobile game at in the future.

Ragnarok Tactics: Official Trailer
Ragnarok Tactics - Starting gameplay (Thai audio)

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