Ragnarok The Lost Memories (BR & NA) is coming out on January 13th

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories (BR & NA) is coming out on January 13th

Gravity Interactive has officially announced that players in North America and Brazil will be able to start playing their new Cardbattle RPG, Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, next week. The game will release on iOS and Android platforms on January 13 in the region, with pre-registration currently underway.

To celebrate the upcoming release, Gravity Interactive is holding various events on Facebook. Anyone who likes and comments on an event post will be entered into the draw. Each player who does so will receive in-game prizes, while some lucky players will win prizes in the form of Google Play Cards.

If you don’t know, Ragnarok: The Lost Memories is an RPG game that tells the story of a swordsman named Perr, who experiences amnesia after waking up on Mount Mjolnir. Players must help Perr recover his memory by exploring more than 200 Dungeons and finding out his story from the NPCs.

Ragnarok The Lost Memories (BR & NA) is coming out on January 13th

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories will feature a Card Battle RPG battle system that combines the experiences of these genres. There are tons of hero and monster cards to collect, each with different Skills, with different attack, defense, and support stats. Players can raise Card Levels to increase their potency and unlock additional powers.

Once the player has a strong Deck , there are several game modes that can be enjoyed. Mage Tower has a ranking system for players to achieve, then players can also test their skills against other players in PvPRagnarok: The Lost Memories also has a Guild system, allowing you to team up with teams to fight monsters and complete missions to earn various rewards.

Download: Googleplay or Appstore

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Promo Video


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