Ragnarok x Next Generation Opens CBT Phase For SEA Region

Good news comes for fans of the mobile MMORPG genre game from the SEA region. Keeping its promise this March, the developer Gravity Corporation has just opened a Ragnarok Mobile x Next Generation server for a special CBT phase for players in the SEA region.

The Ragnarok x Next Generation CBT period is very short and dense, because Gravity Corporation itself only opens the CBT period for 3 days from March 3 to 5.

Apart from the short CBT period, the players allowed to enter the Ragnarok x Next Generation server are also limited to 2000 players. Surely the enthusiasm of players to register is very solid, because only 2000 players can enter from all countries in the SEA region.

When viewed from the outstanding leak gameplay, this game is smoother than other Ragnarok MMORPG games, and also the UI appearance is simpler and tidier.

Fajaryusuf.com Ragnarok x Next Generation CBT region sea

There is one new thing that is different in this game, namely the unique mount options. Now, Ragnarok x Next Generation presents unique mounts such as skateboards, jetpacks, and of course cute animals. In terms of setting this game is also further expanded, players can determine the settings that best suit their style.

Currently, there is not much content in this mobile game and is still the standard for an MMORPG game. However, surely this is just the start for Ragnarok x Next Generation and in the future there will definitely be additional features, content, and other events. Until now, there is still no information from the developer for the global release date.

Source: Gravity Corporation


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