Ragnarok X Next Generation Is Ready To Be Released For Southeast Asia

South Korean mobile game developers have recently given a surprise when they announced that they will be their game publisher for Southeast Asian servers for MMORPG mobile games, yep this game is Ragnarok X: Next Generation. It should be noted, that this mobile game has previously conducted a closed beta test under the big name Tencent.

Today 1 year has passed from the CBT, maybe some parts of the game have changed. Then, who is now the publisher for the Southeast Asian game server RO X: Next Generation?

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The answer is, the publisher of RO X: Next Generation for Southeast Asian servers is ByteDance, which is a company that releases a very popular app right now, yep TikTok. Previously, ByteDance entered the mobile game market in China a few months ago, and this is likely their first time publishing a mobile game abroad.

ByteDance will release Ragnarok X: Next Generation in Taiwan first at the end of 2020. And will ByteDance add any of TikTok's features to the RO X Next Generation game? We'll just wait.

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Ragnarok X Next Generation (KR) - G-Star 2019 trailer
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